Dr. Margot McKinnon (PhD)

Your Stronger Way Forward 2020

Your Stronger Way Forward 2020

Your Stronger Way Forward 2020Your Stronger Way Forward 2020Your Stronger Way Forward 2020

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Why Did You Create Red Flags in Dating?

Too many of my clients struggle because they are in relationships that suck the spirit right out of them.  What were the Red Flags? Why are some people a target? How can we all attract Green Flag people?  Solving this puzzle gave birth to Red Flags in Dating.  

Have You Been in a Red Flag Relationship?

Yes! Several! I used to attract Narcissists, people who were attracted to my strength and as soon as they knew I was hooked, they did an abrupt change.  They became ruthlessly critical, emotionally and in one case physically abusive, manipulative and controlling.  I had to figure out why I was a target, not just in love but in other areas too.  A boss, colleagues, 'friends', and family members.  I do not sit on a moral high horse saying, "Well, just get out of the relationship!"  Red Flag relationships are very complex.  Please, if you know someone who is a Red Flagger magnet, send them to one of our workshops.  

Are You in a Green Flag Relationship Now?

Yes! For years I believed Single was Safer!  By the time I finished my PhD at the University of Oxford and moved home to Calgary, I was in my mid 50's, By then, I knew how to see right through Red Flag behaviour and avoid them. This created space for the most lovely people to come into my life. I set the intention to experience a healthy and enriching love. I have the most lovely man in my life!!! I want you to experience a passionate and healthy love too! Our strategies work!

What is Your Vision?

We see a movement where kindness is strength. In 2020, we deliver Red Flags in Dating across North America.  To do this, we need your help! Will you partner with us? Whether you live in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, New York or Great Falls, Montana, we can partner and create an event in your city.  Are you ready to join? Help us create an event in your city. Check out our posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Blogs.